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They say walking is good for your health and we can think of no one better to take a walk with.  You have found a place where we want to encourage you, pray for you and most importantly, hear from you.  You will be among friends who want to walk with you, and the unseen hand of God will hold your hand.  In tough times we can all become so involved in, “clinging to our faith” we forget His promised protection.  “The Lord upholds him with His hand.” Psalm 37:24

We are so happy that our first book, in the series of Godly Walks, will soon be available as an eBook.  We believe it is essiential for an expectant woman to know, she is never alone.  Please click on the page, Walking With God, for more information and to view a trailer about the book. 

 I want to grow up in an indie bookstore!

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